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. is there hypocrisy? >>steve: come get your gun insurance. good idea? what do you think? we're going to report and you decide. >>brian: a good lesson for anyone. why it is never a smart idea to flip off the judge. i've always thought this but other people fought me on it. wait till you see what happened to this girl because she has a bit of a temper. what a lady. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: i think the key is whether or not she flipped off the judge before or after the sentence. >>gretchen: she did it as she was walking away. >>steve: come on back. >>gretchen: he increased it because she was sassy to him. then she decided to do the bird. then he said did you just actually say blank you to me? she said yes, i did. he then said i will now increase your bail to, i think it was $30,000 -- 30 days, i mean. 30 days behind bars. >>brian: i bet we have complete details on the story. i remember in "the odd couple" felix got increased sentence because he was annoying the judge. >>gretchen: i had no heat or hot water this morning, so i could not shower. you may hold me in contempt of court today. if the
they do it? developing details live from the scene. >>steve: the president knows best. he says gun owners agree with him. >> we know, for example, from polling that the universal background checks are universally supported just about. by gun owners. >>steve: really? is he really on the side of gun owners. critics say don't fall for it. we will explain. >>brian: wonder why you can't get a date for valentine's day? maybe you need to take off your facebook page, chris. tpobgz tpobgz starts now. -- "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. look who's back. >>steve: brian kilmeade back from the super bowl. >>brian: we are back. i've never seen that facebook picture. >>gretchen: i'm not sure why, but it reminds me of -- >>steve: this depicts a picture you should never have on your facebook page. it would make you look a little silly. >>brian: that's the big difference between dating today. you are never really on a blind date because you can google your so-called brian date. >>gretchen: i met my husband on a blind date. >>brian: did you google him? >>steve: there was no go
you. >>steve: it wasn't all football. who could forget commercials like this one? >> we're out of milk. we're going to run down the best and worst of 2013. good morning to you, brian kilmeade. >>brian: thank you. the rock and i go way back. i'll go over that relationship which has hit a roadblock. along with the hoopla surrounding the super bowl, i had a chance to go to baton rouge, louisiana, to the governor's mansion and speak to governor bobby jindal exclusively. you'll see both parts of that interview as we get started on "fox & friends" this monday. >> look at him go. he is flying! inside the 20! a kickoff return. 109 yards. >>gretchen: the ravens kobe jones with a 108-yard kickoff return. the ravens all the rave this morning beating the 49ers to win super bowl xlvii. good morning everybody. live from new york and still in new orleans, brian kilmeade. >>steve: brian, it looks as if you are in your attorney's office. what happened? >>brian: i have a library in louisiana i said if i'm going to stay monday, i'm going to get work done. unlike backdrops, these are actual books. when ev
is your last jersey? >> that was, what, '95? the 50th anniversary steve young. >> reporter: aguilar wears a baseball jersey. if you wore a football jersey, would you jinx the team? >> i have to wait for the win. >> reporter: former 9ers coach george seifert never walked on the team logo in the middle of the field. seemed to work for him. >> i guess the most outrageous example that i ran across was one baseball player who said he had been wearing the same athletic supporter for four years. >> reporter: is that your lucky bean any? are you going to wear that during the game? >> yes, i will be wearing it. >> reporter: most superstitious fans an players would say it can't hurt. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> it was right over us at the ravens in san francisco zoo. zookeepers built boone the black rhino's breakfast in baltimore's image. they also spelled out go 9ers in carrots. boone, who is named for 49ers tackle alex the rhino boone, tackled the carrots first but probably because he like what they had to say or maybe he got confused. maybe
talking about it and may even do something about it. steve handelsman on capitol hill now where some lawmakers seeing immigration in a new light. steve. >> it does feel different up here on the hill where a lot of republicans are rethink their opposition to the so-called path to citizenship. for millions of people in this country illegally rethinking after the issue hurt republicans in the fall and helped democrats. president obama pushing for immigration reform this year met with activists who said he agreed with them good what critics call amnesty. >> pathway to citizenship for undocumented community. >> reporter: roughly 10 million to 12 million people illegally in the u.s. many accept pay below the legal minimum. afl-cio unions are onboard to end that. >> prevent what's wrong from driving down the wages of everybody else. >> reporter: analysts say that under president obama, the u.s./mexican boarder is more secure. the net number of migrants not increasing. activists demand, reform, now. >> not contingent at all on additional enforcement, whether it is border security or any
days, i think one day this week, it was up to 50 minutes. 7:08. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >>> good morning. a little bit more fog on this friday morning. patrick redwood shores says a little bit around san mateo, fc, foster city, but clear south of the bridge. so for some there's pockets of it. i know on the hayward side there's fog. concord, livermore, napa, santa rosa. yesterday, it was the north bay. patchy fog but hazy and warm. mostly sunny. higher clouds. next rain, thursday, friday. next thursday, friday. although it's looking more like a colder system than a rainy system. we need the rain. if you thought where is the breeze, there has not been much. others in the east bay, have a pretty good offshore wind continuing. that for shom the offshore breeze is in place. that means the coast has really nice weather. temperatures on the lows are even warmer that morning than yesterday it will be sunny. mostly cloudy. there's some higher clouds. i think most of those day towards more central california. 30s for some. 49. redwood city, san rafael is at 41. livermore is 32. s
. rethink possible. announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: everybody good? how y'all doing? how's everybody doing today? thank y'all for coming. yes, ma'am. thank you very much. thank you very much. hey welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. and you know what? we got another good one for you today. they are returning for the third day from dallas, georgia, it's the burns family. [cheering and applause] and from chicago, illinois, home of the bears, it's the ingram family. [cheering and applause] let's go. come on, sweet dorothy. come on, katy. ladies, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something a husband asks his exhausted wife to do that makes her yell, "do it yourself." >> fix his meal. steve: fix his food. [cheering and applause] yes. pass or play? >> what are we gonna do? >> play! play! >> yeah, we playing, honey. yes, sir. steve: yeah, we playing. all right. >> whoo! whoo! steve: go over there. >> yes! >> whoo! holler!
of places. >> that's right, guys. 237, we're gonna start there. steve has been telling us about the fog. we could see this commute rather clearly and now, it kind of looks like a big foggy mess. it looks like we're looking in the middle of a clog. the sunol grade, we can't show you 101 in san francisco. our san rafael camera is all fogged out. let's take a look at the bay bridge. not thick fog here. peace a -- that's a 15 to 17- minute delay. let's talk about contra costa county. pleasant hill, moderate traffic. the drive time between hayward isive ceasing, 20 minutes from 238 to mowry avenue. no major problems on the way. it will still be slow. >>> we have a lot more in the way of clouds. inland temperatures had to deal with some fog. cooler temperatures. even though inland areas, double whammy here. it will be mostly sunny. but that fog heads back to the coast mainly in the 50s. unlike last week, upper 60s to near 70. tomorrow more fog, hazy sunshine. thursday, friday we'll get light rain in here. this is a colder system. it looks like it will be one and done. we start to need some rain.
but the memory was taking notes on the blizzard of $78. steve? >> that's right. we just had ron talking about no one remembers the last time providence had, you know, more than a foot of snow. late '90s. talking more than two feet of snow in providence, rhode island. i think you have to go back to the blizzard of '78 and the eerie thing of the timing, 35 years ago this week. and this storm was truly epic. it was -- it was a northeast storm. go to atlantic city, new jersey, 20 inches of snow there. new york city shut down. but really, it was eastern massachusetts, rhode island, parts of connecticut. this thing was truly a monster. in massachusetts, you had up to four and a half feet of snow in some places. you had wind at 70 miles per hour in boston. 100 miles per hour in cape cod. you had 2,100 homes destroyed. 29 people in massachusetts that were killed by this thing. so obviously, it was a serious storm but it was also something if you're 40 or over and you're from new england, you're still talking about this and telling people about this and you remember this. under 40, you grew up hearing
"family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: thank you. burns girls, made the money. how you folks doing? thank you for coming. thank you very much. appreciate it, everybody! hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey, and guess what--we got another good one for you today. returning boy, for the fourth day, with a total of $21,540, straight out of dallas, georgia--never heard of it; here it is--it's the burns family. [applause] and from columbia, south carolina, home of the big dm it's the bennett family. [applause] let's go. bj, katy kate. [applause] hey, folks, here we go. we've got the top 6 answers on the board. name something a man drops when a woman suddenly says she wants him. bj. >> his jaw. steve: his jaw. [applause] katy katy. [buzzer] pass or play? >> we're going to play. we're going to play. [applause] steve: isabella, how you doing? >> i'm doing great. steve: good, good, good. >> yes, sir. i would like to say a shout-out to my husband, who is in the audience--my husband of 37 years, henry.
-season is here. the biggest item is reciting joe flacco. ozzie newsome and steve bisciotti said that is going to happen. it commits some other players might not be back. steve bisciotti and ozzie newsome and john harbaugh outlined their approach to the future. no question some free agents may not return. jacoby jones appeared on "jimmy kimmel" last night. he admitted joe flacco deserved award.vp >> i thought you should've been the super bowl mvp. >> joe flacco deserves said. that guy went there and did. get the postseason -- look at the postseason. the seven touchdowns, -- 11 touchdowns, zero ints. >> maryland wins last night. >> more traffic and weather together when we come back. >> good morning. it is raining outside
. here's fbi special agent in charge steve richardson. >> within the past 24 hours, negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point, fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. >> the fbi steve richardson did not say whether the 65-year-old jimmy dykes killed himself or was shot and killed by police. again, the week long hostage stand off is over. much more for you on this on our 10:00 news cast. >> with your weather alert this evening, light snow on the way. a storm system headed towards the region. what's become kind of a weekly thing now. >> almost daily right? a couple rounds of waves of light snow. if you are keeping track since friday, this might be our fourth round. this one to promote a few advisories. start with radar and show you where this is. you are starting to get light snow. the closest it's gotten to metro washington is starting to show a few light flurries into the frederick area.
season. >> team president dick cass, coach john harbaugh, gm ozzie newsome and ravens owner steve biscotti joined by a special guest, the lombardi trophy, a memento of the team's ultimate accomplishment. >> the ravens are world champions. >> the question now is, can they do it again. that's the goal but harbaugh says the word repeat means nothing to them. >> i don't believe in the defending champ thing. it's boxing. they don't give you a belt and you fight for the title. we are the champions the 2012 champions. >> we're going to try to build a consistent winner. i'm just proud for baltimore, for everybody that gets to bask in this. >> while the team focuses on the future ravens fans clamber for purple. magazine issues released tuesday in high demand. >> everybody has a smile on their face. they can't get enough between the magazines and shirts and books. it's really -- it only happens once every 10, 12 years. >> the fans and the team know that the top off season priority is a new contract for joe flacco. newsome expressed optimism that that contract would get done. >>> we had a li
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& over bltimooee raaer ffr positive pigskin results.sheei - theewwrld, ut i want thh ravees to win."steve jannwich: "nooo--i'' prrying for the ravens." (laughter)halfway -3 around the world, d reedd & jersey was spotted in vatican &pcity. baltimore nattve josh peeer's asilica.. beeore the game, cardinal edwin o'brien hosted ravens ans for dinner. hall arishoners iil the front stees of the church. sheri riidlbauer: "for te purple for the past fourrweeks now ssnce they won (at) denver.""ats: horns honking amy funk-hines:"that must be - ""t's iie that wee an show -3 ccmmunity spirit reachinn out beyond the four walls."sherii 3 annwwred, alrrady... ttny - schrammm"juss praying it's a good game aan no one gets hurt and it's good coopetition." as the ravens uniteebbatimore. pauulgessler, foo45 news at -33 ten. tons offpurpll pride coming pnto our tation today...check &pout hah george's hair!sse'ss & ssorting a "wild ill's purple mohawk." 3&pand nnthing llke a little -3 suuer bowl pyramid o get fans in the mood for tte big game. double positivee u
another companionship >> reporter: team president dick cash, head coach john harbaugh, and steve b scrurks otti joined by a special guest, the lom bar i do ditrophy. they've had days to bask in their super bowl victory, but can they do it again? that's the goal, but harbaugh says the word repeat means nothing. >> it's not boxing. they don't give you a belt. we were the 2012 champions. >> we're are going try to build a consistent winner. we have this one in the bank. like john said, you can never take it away from us. i'm proud for baltimore, for everybody that gets to bask in there. >> reporter: and now ravens fans clamor for souvenirs of super bowl success. purple is most popular. commemorative magazines leased thursday in high demand. >> everybody has a smile on their face. they can't get enough between the magazines and the shirts and the books. it really only happens once every 10, 12 years. >> reporter: fans and the team know the big rush is a new contract for gm ozzy newsome. >>> coach harbaugh will appear tonight on the late show with da
bowl has been his biggest dream. and steve powell's daughter made it possible. >> i never missed one on tv. i have never been to one in person. we'll start the party tonight. >> reporter: and the fans are pumped up and ready for the game. yesterday baltimore county departments competed for the most enthusiastic to see who is the loudest. the winner of that competition will be announced at noon at the county office building in towson during a pep rally. people are ready for sunday's game. live in downtown downtown, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> that's what is happening in our community. what about in new orleans it's not just about the parties but there are some things going on that are inspiring people. and volunteers came out to work on a home for a family in need. many have not been worked on since katrina hit seven years ago. coming up on good morning maryland. we'll hear about it and talk about volunteers. >>> even the animal at the zoo are rooting for the ravens. this is from the maryland zoo. see the wart hog. big, highon coming out. they are going up to the works the 49ers a
and scores. the penguins go on to take the final period when the lakers acquired steve nash and white howard, many were punching their ticket to the finals. the electors are eight games out of the final playoff spot in the west. howard sitting this one out with these shoulder injury. that is the way you draw it up. led by as many as 18. kobe was all smiles. destines come back. cutting the lead down to 1. just over a minute to play. who will take the clutch shot? kobe bryant of course. the lakers get a much-needed win. stay with us. john collins is ba >> tonight, a flurry or two. mike flurries tomorrow. the daytime forecast is great. not a bad forecast. >> we'd like it. it keeps it barbara rush hour. >> we will be back here right after the game. plan on joining us after the super bowl. this season has been a lesson in character, the best in sporting competition and now we get to celebrate that down in new orleans. orleans. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former militar
't stick around it is going to be a cold night. >> let's go and look at the forecast with steve. >> we have light snow out there right now that will take taper up to flurries. take a look at the radar from the bell forth weather center. most of the activity is to the north of d.c. hugging the i-270 corridor. our skies will clear as our temperatures begin to fall. no problems in terms of advisories for the snow across the immediate metro. to the west of us, we have warnings for some counties. tonight, flurries and light snow showers will come to an end. temperatures in the upper 20's. the wind will take off later on tonight into the early morning hours. we'll tell you what to expect for the bus stop tomorrow morning. >> thank you. the ravens' fan ever fans are fired up. we would be amiss if we did not miss a little something something. tom is in baltimore standing by. >> we are here on south charles street in baltimore. this town is buzzing tonight. you can see we have a lot of police here but we also have a lot of people trying to get into some of thes
the one on the minds of every ravens fan... how he and ravvns owner steve bisccotti "i actually only talked to him but before tte new england -& amm. hh just came up to me - time and go get 'em. we haae all the faith innthe world. - this issggnna be your time for -33 a long ime........ the ttme has comm indeed.""- indeed." 3 afterwardd... david letterman also sked joe about ray lewis & and hissretirement. 3&p"tell me about this guy ray lewis, what's his deal?wwll, palf the time i don't know but.......... hat deeiniiely &&pbeing ooe of them." 3 3 3 aad there is breaking news ... at least one person is dead and severalliijured as phe big crowd was dispersinggdoontown.. powntown.. keith daniels... live... where he violence... broke out... out... along... the light aal 3 anne arundel county police.... arrest... tte gunman... who átheyá sayy.. opened fire... ddring aatempted & robbery. -3 p3 -3 3 ty-won... harris is charged with attempted murder..../...police say ... january 28th..... he tried to car....
. >> and the steve young interview was fantastic. >> and that is the difference. all of those guys, rear ended, steve young. they all went into television because they had personalities. >> and is mr. shot too important to to go to the super bowl? >> which are rather sleep if alicia or jr stone?
-niners and the 49ers faithful for an amazing season. even though it hurts congratulations to steve, the owner and the entire organization. obviously, he is a disappointed owner. and thanking all of the forty- niners faithful for really was a great season. you cannot say that a enough that it is a hurtful and disappointing situation. but they got further. they lost the and now, they used colin kaepernick with unlimited promise and now the stage is set for the 49ers to be the favorites. to go back to the super bowl with a great, young team. and of the shia read alecia reed. finkel, for the fans but it is it disappointing. >> reporter: yes, brand. we can see that it is most of the people are gone. as soon as the game was done they have been heading out. however, there are people right here with me brent and travis. for the entire game you were on the edge of your receipt. talk to me. >> it was a difficult first half we were just in front of all receipts the entire game. and it was free event will however to be here in the san francisco 49ers for the opportunity to be in the several so i am thank
harbaugh, gm ozzie newsome, and ravens owner steve bishaty, -- bishoty, joined by a guess. -- a guest. >> the ravens are world champions. >> reporter: they've had days to bask in their super bowl victory. so the question now is, can they do it again? that's the goal. but harbaugh says the word "repeat" means nothing to them. >> i don't really believe in the defending champ thing. it's not boxing. they don't give you a belt and you fight for the title. we were the champions. the 2012 nfl champions were the baltimore ravens. >> we've got this in bank. like john said, you can never take it away from us. and i'm just proud for baltimore, for everybody. that gets to bask in this. >> reporter: from basking to business. priority number 1 is a contract for quarterback joe flacco, whose agent says should be the highest-paid qb in the league. strategies to keep flacco include the franchise tag. but will that even be necessary? >> those are some of the things that we'll talk about. but i just -- i'm coming away today, thinking that we can get a deal done.
twice. listen, the pair got lucky with scratchoff tickets. the winning for steve and terry weaver started saturday when steve bought a $1 million scratchoff and won. but the weavers were right on target, feeling so lucky the next day that terry bought a scratchoff. she won $50,000 off of that one. they say they were afraid to chaim their winnings, actually saying they thought it could rise some eyebrows because someone would say, you both won during the same weekend. dism i thought we'd have to take a lie detector test and put our hand on a bible. >> the weavers say they plan to investment the money, so they're going to be smart with their finances. >> i want to travel down to arkansas and buy my tickets where they buy them. >> absolutely. >>reporter: it is now time for "caption this." we post these to the abc 2 facebook page and allow you to caption them. this is the ohara family, i actually got to meet them at the raven's parade yesterday. this is natalie and hailey. frank wrote world champs, katie, her caption was oh, oh, oh, oh, and we heard that downtown a lot yesterday cove
of the president's jobs council, co-founder of aol, steve case, so stick around for that. >>> new pictures this morning of reporters dogging democratic new jersey senator robert menendez. in case you're wondering these pictures were taken outside of his house in washington, d.c. menendez fighting allegations he violated finance laws and had sex with underaged prostitutes. he gave his first on camera comments to cnn regarding this issue. >> reporter: senator menendez do you have any response to violating any campaign finance laws? >> i have comments printed at any office. >> reporter: nameless, faceless? >> anonymous allegations. you should find out who that is. >> the senator is in line to become chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. >>> scary moments for some alaska air passengers. flight was forced to make an emergency landing because the captain passed out. >> and then all of a sudden the attendant started running up and down the aisle, i've never seen them go so fast and they announced if there's any doctors or nurses or anyone aboard to please come forward and then the r
two minutes to speak. >> steve seldz swrer. we on a little out burst today about what is going on at martin luther king school and this board has covered up criminal activity from the staff of the school. he makes a joke about psychological testing and pearson to evaluate the students here in san francisco. pearson is under investigation for corruption in new york state and will be investigateed in california for corruption because you're spending more time on testing than taking care of the students particularly here at martin luther king. additionally this superintendent and the board is aware of the ongoing situation at martin luther king and the superintendent said there was no cover up and slander going on but the whistle blower said the principal laid on a student and injured as a result that was set up in a scheme to be fired by this management. they spent thousands of dollars of public money to fire him and the arbitrator could not go along with the lies and slanders against toby cane and rejected it and said he should be brought back to work. that is a victory for
with the baltimore ravens team together. >> reporter: as the players exited the stadium, and steve bisciotti -- >> i had to make sure my grand daughter was here. >> reporter: such a magical day, that people wanted to stay but police used bull horns, encouraging them to leave. some were surprised by the overwhelming turnout. >> we've had team coverage of this vict torous day. -- victorious day. rosie, some of those folks had been waiting for hours. >> reporter: what a day. i don't think inbound was at work or -- anybody was at work or school. they filed in as early as 5:00 this morning to get a close-up spot of the baltimore ravens. a gazillion more were along the parade route. they road from city hall to m&t bank stadium. they brought home -- it's a love affair. the fans, well, they just want to holler. >> we got two tickets to paradise. pack your bags. we can leave tonight. whoa, woe -- whoa, whoa! >> it's awesome. >> reporter: best guess of the number of people along the parade route, between 40,000 to a bazillion. we'll have an awful lot more coming up at 6. roosevelt leftwich. >> our team was ou
, the offensive coordinator. >> the defensive coordinator for your ravens, steve. >> that is the next truck that will be pulling out. a lot of other players as well. the trolley car, i am not sure who is in that fear may be other family members. there is torrey smith with his sunglasses on. >> larry white on the platform appear. >> ray rice. >> ok, ray rice, he has had quite a season, too. he certainly deserves all the love and attention. >> the amazing thing this year is that they went through a lot, knee injuries, some video is stepping up to the plate to get the job done so that those starters could come back. one of them, like jacoby jones, just to positions permanently. this is a lot of credit to the coaching staff, who know what they are doing. >> you know john harbaugh said, talking about all of the adversities that they had, i look at the mercy as something that, when you come out on the other side of it, you are something different and hopefully you are something better than before. i think we can say that is true for this team. they were better and different, deftly for the better
trailer park. >> very fancy, very expensive trailer parch. >> reporter: steve carasikr is the senior producer of cbs sports and today he gives me a tour of the compound, trailer after trailer of editing suites, tape rooms, graphics. >> we have over 60 cameras, over 40 videotape machines for the game alone. >> reporter: snaking through the entire compound are thousands of wires and cables. it's crazy to think on game day every one of them has to be connected to the right thing. >> i always used to joke with something like what would happen if you actually pulled one of them out? >> reporter: this is the place to be on game day. the producer sits here. the director sits here. this is where all the critical decisions are made during the super bowl. >> anything and everything can happen. you try to plan as best you can for it, but the game is the game and you have to react to what happens. >> reporter: quick reaction time is a by-product of good planning. >> the preparations in general for the super bowl and cbs literally began probably three years ago after our last super bowl in mia
. >> steve, what is the holdup? >> ♪ >> climbed a mountain and i turned around. ♪ well i've been afraid -- >> this budweiser commercial featuring a clydesdale and his former owner won the ad meter title. we want to know which ones you like. go to our facebook page. "news4 today" and post yours. >>> that was one of my favorites. i love the god made a former one and the tribute to jeep. >> it was not that doritos commercial and the goat one. the guy who wants to sell his goat. hilarious. >>> 4:51 is our team. we turn to meteorologist tom kierein to get a look at this, more snowy guess. >> we keep getting these little snow thingies that come on through. >> meteorological term, thingies. >> not much. but enough to coat the ground. between now and then, we've got a partly cloudy sky. there's the washington monument. 28 at reagan national. we've got a calm wind. it was blustery just about the last couple of hours. but the wind has settled down a little bit. the windchill is down as well. as we have the winds blustery north and west of us. clouds are coming and going. it's mostly clear. starti
to those games as a teenager and raising my own children on joe montana and steve young, you can just imagine how exciting this game was. >> congresswoman pelosi's district covers that and she was in new orleans for the game. >>> what will go down as one of the easiest drug busts of all time. we'll explain that. you are watching wusa9. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> a segment of the population not known for getting regular health checkups is getting help from an unlikely place. this barber shop in los angeles offers african american customers a blood pressure check. doctors at cedar hospital taught the owner how to take the readings, evaluate them, and make referrals to the doctors. >> the average man with high blood pressure in this barber shop comes every six weeks to get their haircut. i think him a nice doctor. i never had that much in my practice. >> no kidding. an estimated 40% of african americans have
...ray lewws will be getttng his own statue at m&t bank stadium. stadium.owner steve bisciotti says it will hhapen in the next year or we caught up withhthe man who cceated the johnny uniiaa -3 statue..e's reated his ownn model, for a potential ray leeis tribute: 33 "it woulddbe an honor to do this it would be aaprivlege, aaything woulddexceed that i tell ya ray would be the - equivilent to that" that" 3 kail's ray lewis sculpture 3 ravens... running back... ray rice... is... well- known... for his abilliy... tt take a jolt...// and... - keep his balance....// not... so... much... in áthisá cell--pponee video... during the super bowl parade. can see ... rice... waving to - the fan../then... a misstep!!e &pfalls... off... the float! but.. .in ray fashhon... / he... smile on his face...//.dont' worry... he wasn't hurt. 3 you can watch the full ssate of the ravens address, all the 3 super bowl parade aad the eventtat m and t bank ssadium on ur ebsite
a ticket because that has been his biggest dream. and steve powell's daughter made it possible. >> i have never been to one in person. we'll start the party tonight. >> the fans are pumped up and ready for the game. yesterday departments competed for the most biggest fans. today at noon there will be a pep rally to see who won the competition. everywhere you look everyone is excited about the game on sunday. reporting live in downtown baltimore. >>> we have been showing off our purple pride and it continues today. we told you about the rally and there are more exciting events happening for the super bowl there will be a ravens rally and a food truck and fans can enjoy a rally at the city park. the event include as moon bounce. >>> the game is about the family. we heard from the harbaugh family, mom, dad, sister. now it's time for the broth horse face off. going head to head they will battle it out. they are holding a joint press conference, it sounds like they will have fun. >> we thought we would switch uniforms. see if you could figure it out. >> and jim and john are making super bowl h
, but the guys are outside waiting for me. >> i have doritos. >> steve, what is the holdup? >> zoraida likes this one. >> i do. >> oreos. >> we will talk to the ad expert about all the best in the super bowl commercials. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> we're going to switch gears here. at least eight people were killed and dozens injured when a tour bus struck a pickup truck and rolled over on a treacherous highway in california. this happened in san bernardino, 80 miles south of los angeles. the road is so narrow that rescue workers have had a very difficult time reaching all the victims there. what is the very latest here? >> well, this is what chp is telling us now. there are eight people confirmed dead. but they say they believe that number is going to change. meaning they will find out many more people died in this crash. also, we've had our own count here. about 27 people have been taken to five local hospitals. six are critical. some of those are children. my photographer and i walked up to the crash site about a half mile from here. it is absolutely stunning to see what happened he
lawmakers. now immigration reform is taking center stage. steve handelsman joins from us capitol hill where the results of the november election left some republicans more open to overhauling the laws. >> reporter: maybe a lot more open. republicans up here on capitol hill in great numbers. especially there house. where opposition was strong. a rethinking their opposition now. to the so-called path to citizenship for people in our country illegally. after the issue so hurt republicans in the fall and helped democrats. president obama pushing for immigration reform this year. met with activists who said he agreed with them about what critics call amnesty. >> for the undocumented community. >> reporter: roughly 10 million to 12 million people illegally in the u.s. many accept pay below the legal minimum. afl-cio unions are onboard to end that. >> and prevent what's wrong from driving down the wages of everybody else. >> reporter: and analysts say under president obama, the u.s./mexican boarder is more secure. the net number of migrants, not increasing. activists demand reform now. >> not cont
, of course covered the enter bowl. it was their turn last night. it was up to sideline reporter steve tasker because the cbs announce booth was out of power. >> yeah. >> bill: so they were off of the air. the sideline reporter still had power on his microphone, and he describes what's happening. >> is out. half the stayium stayed light. half of it went out. here is what happened moments ago. the game proceeds pretty much as normal. one big click of the light switch. >> there it goes and out of power. fortunately, i was just wondering, fortunately they got it back to on. what would have happened if they could not get the power on. >> there was talk roger goodell would have to come in as a commissioner of the league and he could suspend play and get back to it another day. what's not that dark? >> and rescheduled? >> right. >> and everybody is talking about the commercials. i have to tell you one graduate commercial. paul harvey for dodge ram and they picked up paul harvey describing what it was like to be a farmer >> and on the 8th day, god looked do
. but is it too sex? kate upton and steve cannon, president and ceo of mercedes benz, join us from new orleans. good morning to both of you. thanks for coming on. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so kate, you've heard the criticism, the parents television council says it's too sexy, objectifying women. maybe the issue isn't that it's too sexy, but that it's too inappropriate. give me your take on that. >> i don't see how it's inappropriate because i'm not even actually washing the car. >> i mean, is it something you're proud of? >> yes, of course i'm proud of it. i'm -- i'm proud of being a part of the brand. it's such an amazing brand. and it's a symbol of luxury, and now they have this new, beautiful car, the cla, that's affordable and sexy for a younger generation. >> i can see why they hired you as a pitch person. but perfectly there. steve, let me ask you -- i think any company would die for the buzz that this ad is creating. but i don't necessarily know that you like the controversy part of it. give us your thoughts. >> it's certainly created conversation, and conversation is good. w
was in love with te'o. is he citying the truth. >> steve is an expert in interviewing and detecting deception, trained by the fbi. he's worked with cops around the world, training them in lie detection and human behavior. i want to let folks take a look at the interview first. >> me, it i was hurting. i was like whoa, like, you know, i've given so much into this and i realized right then in that moment that i poured so much into lennay that i myself wasn't getting nothing and look what i was left with. i was crying. i was hurt emotionally. just all kinds of things just took over. so right then and there, i made the decision, i can't do this lennay thing anymore. >> looking at this interview, is this someone generally telling the truth or not and how can you tell? >> firstly i look at how people take ownership or possession of the story and also look for the emotions being in the correct places. and also how people answer questions. i believe he is telling the truth in fact in relation to these issues because the emotions are in the right place. i might be able to think of a lie but can i comm
bigger soluons. powerful answers. verizon. >> steve: super bowl is over. come on home, brian. >> brian: all right. sean did an unbelievable job. forgot to sleep. as did a.j. hall. >> gretchen: the clydesdales are here tomorrow. have a great day. plar there are new questions about the murder of the most effective navy seal sniper in history. chris kyle survived four tours of duty in iraq. but police say in the end he was killed this weekend by a marine veteran he was ready to help. gregg: kyle had 160 kills. the terrorists dubbed him the terror of ramadi and put a bounty on his head. martha: he was acting as a mentor to this man eddy ray ralph before police say ralph turned the gun on him and killed him. casey, what's the latest on the investigation here? >> reporter: this is a bizarre story, one that's developing all the time. the detectives are working on figuring out how these three men knew each other exactly and for how long. apparently they had all ridden in the same vehicle together to that gun range on saturday. but the motive in terms of what spurred the attack is unclear. that
let's get the latest on the withy morning commute steve hirshhorn. the traffic and snow don't go well together. this is 270. too bad right now. . youmiddle of the screen, see in accidents on the ramp .orthbound , slow down to to the beltway. to the you has been multivehicle crashes northbound on george washington parkway before you 123.o a 10-vehicle accident reported on the northbound george washington parkway. want to think about another snow.on the here is a look at that weather forecast with jacqui jeras. >> d.c. is already dry. you could get a couple of snow flurries. steady snow is done. over towards annapolis, you will pick up a half inch. expires by advisory for today. cold, 30res are degrees. highs will only make it into the mid-30s today. thanks. another news update ♪ >>> you know where they are. new orleans, the big easy. and robin roberts so happy to be home right there. look at her smile. look at josh and sam behind her. they all rode down for her first homecoming since the bone marrow transplant. so great to see her. every day one step closer to returning to "gm
by investor chris hansen and microsoft ceo steve balmer. this steve balmer guy is important because following the news, california's the senate leader darrell steinburg who represents sacramento wrote a letter to the state department that controls state contracts asking for information about how much the state spends on microsoft products. he demanded to know, do we have contracts with them, are we giving them money, are they using the money we're giving them basically to turn around and take one of our great state assets. >> so if you do this, we're going to do that. >> val. we're going to dig right in there steinburg can't control the contracts but he can put punish on the country. >> it's a big loss not only for sacramento but all of us, i think the average salary is is 7 1/2 million, that's a lot of taxes heading to seattle. >> they're estimated to be about $7 million a. >>> yeah that's not all f of it. california has a funky rule if players come from out of state to play games in state they have to pay payroll tax ins california, so there is
likeeess will stadium.that's becauss a stadi. owner steve bisciotti says it will happen in the next year or two.we aaght up with the man who cceateedthe johnny unitas statue.he's created his lewis tribute. "it wwuld be aa honor to do this ittwould be a privleee, anytting would exceed hat i tell ya ray would be the that"ilent to thht" kail'ssray lewisssculpture took him 4 weeks to cceate. 9 thousaad applied, but pnly 500 will be hired. one of tth hottest jobs around right now is...... black jack &pddaler at marylanddlive caain. casino. joel d. smith is streaming now innclass today to see why it's so much morr than counting to "21". gooddmorning joelld. d.the potential payofff a jjb paying aanestimated $44,000 to $55,000 in salary and tiis. 3 3 3 mark your callndars!the b--mre healthy expooreturnssto baltimorre.. saturday, february 3rd. can get heelth álivee entertainment... a fit and fun kids zone... and much muchhmore.thh b-more healthy expo startssat 10 a-- aa the baatimore conventton center on february 23rd.we'll see you theee! coming up... win á200 dollarsá in our
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